Alzheimer’s – An awareness message

This post is borne out of necessity to spread awareness about alzheimer’s. To set the right mentality and outlook towards it. I am not a doctor, however, and not studying to be one either, so I do not have the medical terms for it. I do know extensively about it and I hope  this post helps someone to deal with it better.

Alzheimer’s is the disease of forgetfulness, among other things. It starts off as a spatial disorientation. Perhaps the person forgets the way to the bathroom that is attached to the room they are currently sitting in. They find multiple doors confusing, so a toilet door must be labelled so and maybe the light inside it could be left on for identification.

They also begin to lose a hold over how far different places are. They might think two cities in two different states can be shuttled by walking.

They start dreaming about events and believe with utmost certainty that said events took place. They might question you as to why you made them sleep in some other house and brought them back the next morning.

They get distracted easily by the lights outside the window at night, which may cause disturbance to them. Even if the lights are not of much intensity. When this is noticed, cover the windows with curtains.

They might forget that they had a meal already – keep everything on a schedule. So that they know that, say, at 7:30 they will get their dinner.

Sometimes they might disagree to eat. Coax them to eat a little. Or if completely impossible, give them a sweet so as to maintain their sugar levels.

Slowly, they reach the last stage of alzheimer’s – personality change is one of the symptoms. They show sexual tendencies and speak out in a grossly sexual manner which come as a shock to the close ones. This is just the disease. They don’t realise the change. Sometimes they’re normal and sometime’s they are not. But when this change happens, you must take care of everyone who interacts with the person. Warn the people beforehand and don’t let someone with the person without supervision. These sexual tendencies come with a burst of energy as well.

Alzheimer’s is a disease to which a cure has not been found yet. The existing medications mostly decrease the energy level so as to decrease excitations but might lead to further problems. It might make the person drowsy to the extent that they get bed ridden over time. It might lead to them falling down because of drowsiness while walking. This might lead to a vegetative state which is even more difficult to manage.

The only solution is to play a kind of hide-and-seek. To not give rise to a situation where they can manifest their sexual intentions.

They must be taken care of with utmost precision. Every mood change must be noted for future reference. All the current medications are on a trial and error basis. What works for one may not work for another. It has to be adjusted over a period of time with due diligence.

And most of all, people need to start understanding alzheimer’s better. No, your loved one has not become evil. They just got affected by a disease. Take good care of them. They need your love.

Lastly, when I now read of instances of misbehaviour of old men or women, I wonder – were they affected by alzheimer’s? Because it is a real possibility and when they are taken to court, this must be checked into.

Similarly, when people visit old age homes, they must be warned of alzheimer patients and given a tutorial on how to behave around them. It is really hard for people to accept the occurrences of these sexually intended movements, but they need to keep in mind – it is a disease. It is to be treated thus.

Link to some background details

Stages of Alzheimer’s


Conversations of the Heart

And sometimes

I think about

All the hearts

That exist

The rhythmic beats

Not in sync

And yet

Maybe more so

Than any other,

Stripped off the many, many layers

The mind

The skin

And all else

But reality draws me back

To its realm

And doubts creep in –

Would they

Hold conversations?

Or would they find

A new disguise?

Chapter 1

If you haven’t read the prologue yet: Prologue

I was that kid who worried more about sci-fi surreal possibilities than the real world ones. You know, like gravity being suspended. Or matter being disintegrated all at once due to an energy boom. Or messing up time lines and parallel universes when the time machine did make its entry into the world. It didn’t matter that they were far from the ever increasing worries about world leaders joking of setting off a nuclear battle, politicians making grand statements about the advanced intellect of their ancestors based on mythical stories, climate change, corruption and the like. Sure, I was informed about these matters and had my own opinions about them. But sci-fi was where my heart was.

So, I took up the sciences, throughout my studies. The other students speak of how they want to change the world for the better and invent what seems to be a miracle at the moment, but me, well I just wanted to learn out of curiosity and to have my mind build sci-fi upon actual theory.

I was hence, the odd one out in a class filled with odd-one-outs from various places. But that is how people were at Boomba’s Institute of Studies. It was a conglomeration for every kind of personality, blending smoothly, helping each other evolve.

When I think back to the first spark of my interest, I think it was the time I got to know that planets may not always have a complete gaseous interior with planes for Continents. Apparently, there was this blue planet, Earth, that had a molten core and was covered by water and land. I was mind blown. It was a huge discovery in those days. Boomba was a largely gaseous planet. In that, the land floated around and we had built these machines to carry us to other lands. We called each piece a Continent. That was when I realised, I had to have an open mind about what might exist. For, how will I see it if I dismissed it in my mind inherently?

Recently, one of colleagues found out that there was life on Earth. The current hot debate was whether they were hostile or peaceful. Whether truth was their way of life or lying. Their constitution. Their organic mixture. It was an exciting time to be alive and about. Especially so, if you were at Boomba’s Institute of Studies.

It had been a week or so since the discovery and the place was as bustling as it ever was. I sat in a corner, looking out of the glass structure. Out at the vast beyond. We were at the very end of our Continent. I had a couple of sheets on my pad and dye pen in my hand. I was trying to conjure up realms unknown. I concentrated on nothingness. Trying to fill my mind with nothing from the immediate reality so as to allow space for all that was possible. I have been practicing this art since I was 12, not really knowing what it was that I was trying to do.

It was when I could almost form a thought that Tanya interrupted me. I had sensed forms and was only going to know their thoughts. She had been seeking for me, I could sense that. Annoyed, I returned to reality.

Wearing her pink hair all tied up in a bun, she grimaced as she said “Did you hear?”.

“Hear what? I was kind of in the middle -” It is not that easy to reach a state of nothingness.

She inhaled and cut me off, “They are looking for you.”

“Who’s they?” I asked her. I was sure I would punch her if this was one of her pranks, and was gearing up my hand for that.

She lowered her voice, “The new planet”

“Earth?” I was still clueless.

Oh. You weren’t told.” Slow understanding crept into her face.

“You’re losing me. Told what?” As I spoke, I could note the brooding expression on her face. She was trying to decide if I had to be told or not.

After what seemed like ages, although I am certain was only a few seconds, by the way, did I mention that is another beauty of Time? It being stretched out to fill in or shrunk based on your perception of it? Before my thoughts went to Time, she explained.

“There is another planet out there. Praeceps, it is called. It was discovered shortly after Earth. The Earthlings had contacted us when they found out about Praeceps. They don’t seem to be a living species. Hence the call from Earth. Gela dreamt they were looking for you.” Gela’s dreams were renowned for their probability of fulfilment. People wagered bets on the dream. Sometimes it came true and sometimes it didn’t. It was like tossing a coin.

I am not sure if this was a good thing or not. And which side of the coin I should be rooting for.



The world –

A dark place

Within a cave

Where no one

Is welcome

And I,

A fool that yearns for

Naked conversations

Have no place in it


What it was

That draws me

To you,

That makes me smile


I know not


When you come

Knocking on the window

Gently first

Then, screaming to be let in

To be heard

Drowning all other voices,

I look up to the sky

Warmth filling within –

A perfect companion

To the chill enveloping me

And I feel


Just another day

Opening my eyes

To the changing colours of the sky

Slowly taking it in

The calm before the storm

They say

And so it is

For my to-do list

Then takes hold of the reins

In my mind

The aroma of the coffee

Easing the transition

I write

A few pages of diary

Just to let it be known


That this day was lived

And so will the rest.

I retreat to my shell

I retreat

To my shell

As I listen

To everything spoken-


Nothing from deep within

Nothing true

I smile

Masking all I feel

For they

Are neither ready

Nor willing to be,

To listen

To my fluttering,

Flailing emotions

NaPoWriMo – April, the 5th

The theme for April 5, 2018 is wonderfully bizarre. I think it would bring out the current emotion of the writer to a greater extent. The idea was to take a random photograph and a poem in a foreign language. To try and translate the poem based on the photograph, without looking at the translation, of course.

The essence about this is, you tend to perceive what you already feel. Their suggestion included a link to black and white photography and that is a great idea – it gives you more room for imagination.

The photo I had chosen was :

The poem :

Bien tomados de la mano” by Douglas Wright

Qué lindo que es caminar,

bien tomados de la mano,

por el barrio, por la plaza,

¿qué sé yo?, por todos lados.

Qué lindo es mirar los árboles,

bien tomados de la mano,

desde el banco de la plaza,

en el que estamos sentados.

Qué lindo es mirar el cielo

bien tomados de la mano;

en nuestros ojos, volando,

dos pájaros reflejados.

Qué lindo que es caminar

bien tomados de la mano;

¡qué lindo, andar por la vida

de la mano bien tomados!

My translation to it :

Bearing down heavily on my chest

I feel the weight

Bearing down heavily on my chest

Neither my mother, nor my father

Come to ask how I am

I feel the air, crushing me

Bearing down heavily on my chest

I look with desperation, outside

For the love lost within

I feel the air, enveloping me

Bearing down heavily on my chest

The beautiful sky, the illustrious clouds

Can barely make me smile

I feel the weight

Bearing down heavily on my chest

Where are you, mother and father,

For only you can lift me up.

The actual intention of the poem :

It was written for children, about how a good friend makes life better, how the simplest of things can be of pure joy when shared with a person.

Returning to my previous point, this exercise brings out your inner emotions especially because you have something to contrast it with – the actual meaning of the poem. Besides, your choice of the photograph will certainly point to the direction of your thoughts. For all of the above reasons, I am amazed at the brilliance of the idea 🙂

NaPoWriMo – April, the 4th

The theme for 4th April, 2018 was to write on an abstract notion with reference to something real.

Indians are all too well known to dump ideals of a society upon their children without actually having a conversation with them on a one on one basis. This is a poem I should be telling my parents and yet, for the very reason above mentioned, I have taken to a blog to do so.


Protected by

Her bed sheet

She sobbed


That which she yearned for


And love

From her parents

Was not to be

And all for what,


What is Society,

But a cobweb of

Preconceived notions

Filled with dust

And darkness

Spun over the centuries

It traps

Every being

If you are

The Outlier

You are also

Not one

Among them

How sad

That this murky cobweb

Must come in between

A mother

And her child

How sad

That it has grown

So huge and messy

So as to block all light

To defend

Against logic and love

How sad

That “It”

Is closer

To my parents

Than I.

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